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November-December, 2003
  • November 13, 2003 The campus area was covered with snow in the first time in this winter season. The first snow recorded by Sapporo Weather Station might be earlier. A photo was taken from the laboratory.
  • November 12, 2003 We moved to the new building located in the northern campus. The new address is "north 21, west 10, Kita-ku, Sapporo 001-0021, Japan." The telephone and facsimile number will be also changed to "+81-11-706-9132/9133."
  • November 1, 2003 We started the preparation for move to the new building. Two live-cams are also moving.
September-October, 2003
  • October 28-30, 2003 Professor Ohtani participated in the Eighth International Conference on TiO2 Photocatalysis: Fundamentals & Applications held in Montreal and deliver a lecture entitled "Development of novel photocatalytic reaction systems for oxidative decomposition of volatile organic compounds in water with enhanced aeration." Photos were taken from a room of hotel "Le Centre Sheraton, Montreal" and at Museum of Contemporary Arts, Montreal.
  • October 25, 2003 The 2003 second regular meeting of Study Group on Photoelectrochemistry in the Electrochemical Society of Japan was held in Naha, Okinawa. Four lectures relating to dye-sensitized solar cells and photocatalysis were delivered for more than 50 participants mainly from the Naha area. Photos taken in Naha city.
  • October 16, 2003 Dr. Keita Ikeue, a postdoctoral research fellow working in our laboratory by the end of this March and moved to Osaka University together with Professor Ikeda, got a job as a research associate (instructor) for Kumamoto University. Congratulations!
  • September 26, 2003 A book "Hikari-shokubai no shikumi ga wakaru hon (A textbook of Photocatalysis)" written in Japanese has been published from Gijutsu-Hyoron-sha. The price is 1,480 Japanese Yen.
  • September 26, 2003 Earthquake (2003 Tokachi-oki). Strong shakings took place also in Sapporo, though Professor Ohtani was on the business travel and just before loading to an airplane at Haneda). By the earthquake, a chiller for mercury lamps stopped automatically (since a sensor of water level had detected the reduction). Thank ones giving us sympathy emails.
July-August, 2003
  • August 13, 2003 Professor Ohtani was introduced in a column of "Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun" (in Japanese: JPEG file) in relation with studies on photocatalytic organic syntheses
  • August 13, 2003 Studies on photocatalytic organic syntheses mainly reported by us and by Professor Ohno's group (Kyushu Institute of Technology) were reported in an article of "Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun" (in Japanese: HTML document and PDF file).
  • August 1, 2003 The second children (the first son), Francesco, of Mr. Villacres was born. Congratulations! He measured 3000 g in weight at the birth, while Mr. Villacres did 4000 g.
  • July 15, 2003 A research project of Professor Torimoto (PRESTO, JST) was introduced in a mail magazine "Japan Nanonet Bulletin" (volume 26) issued by Nanotechnology Researchers Network Center of Japan (sponsored by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology, Government of Japan : MEXT).
  • July 11, 2003 The 2003 first regular meeting of Study Group on Photoelectrochemistry in the Electrochemical Society of Japan was held in Honjo, Akita. Five lectures relating to photocatalysis were delivered for more than 50 participants mainly from the Honjo area. Photos were uploaded in the web page of study group (Japanese).
  • July 1, 2003 The first daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Pal, Asmita, was born. Congratulations!
  • July 1, 2003 Excursion in our new building (photo left) in the northern area of campus. We will move in November. Our laboratories will be on the third floor (photo center). The nearest building is a feedlot (a house for cows and sheep: photo right).
May-June, 2003
  • June 27, 2003 A barbecue (BBQ) party sponsored by Graduate School of Environmental Earth Science was held at an open space in front of the building of graduate school. We thank Mr. Kawahara for the management.
  • June 14-15, 2003 The 20th Lilac Seminar sponsored by Hokkaido branch of Electrochemical Society of Japan was held at Ohtani Seminar House. Professor Torimoto was one of the organizers of this seminar. On the way back to Sapporo, we dropped in at Mount Tarumae-San, where a photo (right) was taken.
  • June 12, 2003 The interim report meeting for master's course graduate student of Division of Material Science, Graduate School of Environmental Earth Science was held. Mr. Atsushi Watanabe and Mr. Roberto Villacres presented their results. Mr. Watanabe has gotten an official job offer and Mr. Villacres will proceed to Doctor's course.
  • May 30, 2003 The first seminar of Laboratory of Catalytic Reaction Chemistry in this financial year. We will have on every Thursday evening (17:00 at Room S303). The first presenter is Mr. Kentaro Iwasaki. [seminar]
  • May 16, 2003 A BBQ party was held welcoming new members (8 graduate students, postdoctoral fellow Dr. Sheng Wang, and a foreign research student Mr. Orlando Priet from Bolivia).
  • May 12, 2003 A new postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Sheng Wang joined us. He studied photochemistry of porphilines and got a doctor degree from Fukui University. [member]
March-April, 2003
  • April 10, 2003 Mr. Orlando Priet from Bolivia started to study in a Japanese Class in Foreign Student Center, Hokkaido University. He will learn Japanese and Japanese culture in the class by the end of September and will study chemistry from October in the Catalysis Research Center as a foreign research student sponsored by MEXT.
  • April 8, 2003 Entrance ceremony for the new graduate students in Graduate School of Environmental Earth Science. Eight master's course students joined us and Mr. Kentaro Iwasaki entered Doctor's course. We arranged desks in Room S303 for them.
  • March 23, 2003 Total number of accesses to this web page from January 1999 exceeded 200,000!!! Thank you for coming here. An average daily access was approximately 130 for 5 years and 300 for recent months. An article relating to this web page was published in 2003 February issue "Kinki Kagaku Kogyokai (KINKA)."
  • March 14, 2003 A farewell party ("Oidashi Compa") for Dr. Shigeru Ikeda, Dr. Keita Ikeue and three graduate students was held in an Italian restaurant and karaoke shop.
  • March 7, 2003 Two students from Kanazawa Institute of Technology and Hokkaido University passed the entrance examination for the Graduate School on Environmental Earth Science for the second chance and will belong to our laboratory as master's-course graduate students. We will have eight new graduate student in the next financial year starting from April. A foreign research student from Bolivia with Monbukagakusho scholarship will join us. A postdoctoral position is now opened for the next financial year.
  • March 2003 Our laboratory was introduced in "Kagaku (Chemistry)" (volume 58, issue 3) published by Kagakudojin, one of the most famous magazines in the society of chemistry. A picture (right) is the cover of the issue (copyright 2003 Kagakudojin). A reprint of the article "Welcome to our lab" will be sent on request.


January-February, 2003
  • February 14-15, 2003 Final defense for Master's theses of graduate students belonging to the Graduate School of Environmental Earth Science was held. Mr. Yousuke Aburakawa, Kentaro Iwasaki and Yusuke Kowata in our laboratory presented their theses and passed. Congratulations!
  • February 2003 Dr. Shigeru Ikeda, instructor of our laboratory, will become associate professor in Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry, Osaka University from April 1, 2003. He joined us in April 1999 when our laboratory started without any instruments and apparatuses and worked for 4 years. We hope him to explore a new field in Osaka University. A postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Keita Ikeue will also move to Osaka.
  • February 2-3, 2003 A party and symposium were held for Professor Shinri Sato who will retire Catalysis Research Center, Hokkaido University at the end of this March. The party was held in Restaurant Elm in the faculty house on February 2 (Sunday) and the symposium in Hokkaido University Conference Hall on February 3 (Monday). A poster (PDF file/24 K) is available.
  • January 1, 2003 A Happy New Year! This year is the fourth year of our laboratory. We will have many new members and new projects. A right picture is a new year card with a design of sheep, a year animal in Japan this year, made of beans of Hokkaido.